Wheat Starch

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Wheat is a one-year plant, an agricultural product that grows in all climatic conditions and does not require a special soil. Wheat sowed since the first agricultural activities, due to its easy growing and the formation of main consumer goods. Its become an extremely important position for humanity.
One of the products obtained from wheat is wheat starch. It is produced as a by-product and is released when producing vital wheat gluten.

Uses for Wheat Starch

It is used in various food products such as cakes, cream products, cookies.

Packaging and Quality

Gelatinization grade is much higher than other starches and this effect is reached at an average of 80 – 85 degrees. Wheat starch is available for sale in 25 kg craft bags.

  • Appearance: white homogenous powder
  • Humidity up to 13%
  • pH 5-7
  • Sulfur dioxide Up to 50 ppm
  • Protein maximum 0.3%